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Soul Couch

12 Inch Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

12 Inch Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

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Application:: Sound therapy, yoga, meditation, healing

Application 4:: Music therapy| Yoga Sound Healing| Instrument playing

Application 3:: Vibration Harmony| Energy Balance| Boost energy| Calm sound bath

Application 2:: Release anxiety& tension| release stress| meditation chakra healing

Application 1:: Crystal Singing Bowls for Anxiety| Hypertension|Stress |sleep healing

Accessory:: Rubber mallet and rubber O-ring


CVNC quartz crystal singing bowls are produced by a high-purity quartz crystal, purity of more than 99.99%, produced at least 3000-4000 degrees. They naturally contain the ability to energize, clear, and enhance the energy in any environment, making them incredibly resonant.

Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls

Improving the jewelry energy.

Lower anger and blood pressure.

Balancing body chakra.

Adjusting our emotional state.

Reduce stress and anxiety significantly.

Improve circulation.

About Chakra

Note C, Root Chakra Red Basic sex drive, fear, and childhood trauma, and where Kundalini energy may lay dormant.

Note D, Navel Chakra, Orange, Center for processing and interpreting the emotional world around us.

Note E, Solar Plexus Chakra, Yellow, Point of personal power and the expression of creativity.

Note F, Heart Chakra, Green, Gatekeeper to the higher chakras. This is the point where we take in and send out our love.

Note G, Throat Chakra, Blue, Center for communication, both outwardly with others and inwardly with ourselves.

Note A, Third-Eye Chakra, Indigo, Center for psychic and intuitive abilities.

Note B, Crown Chakra, Violet, Imagination, and Higher Self.

Use Tips

1. We regard a whole complete circle rub of a singing bowl as a symbol of completion that normally ends up with where the mallet begins.

2. Before playing the singing bowl, please relax, purify the environment, and wash your hands to express your devotion.

3. Playing the singing bowl is like learning any other skill: practice makes perfect. It is the combination of effort, patience, speed, pressure, and angles

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