Soul Couch Originals

Check out some of Soul Couch's newly released content!

Take a deep dive with us as we explore Taboo subjects and create short videos, adult entertainment, and animation.

The content we produce covers a wide varity of styles and genres.

New Release's:

  • Light Bringers

    Lightbringers is a short series about a group of teens exploring their newly developed spiritual aptitudes. As each character finds their way into the unseemingly freind group they discover more than they anticipated.

  • Ripped

    Ripped is an animated series about a teen, who smokes a lot of pot, and his wildly amusing adventures in the psychedelic world. Let's take a trip.

  • In The Begining...

    In The Begining is an animated show depicting the creation of the universe and man. This adult-swim style shows features comedic stories from all religions and mythology.

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