The key to success is Compassion

The key to success is Compassion

  In many religions, there is a common depiction or teaching about what we know as compassion. Each religion demonstrates the demand for empathy and sympathy, these emotions often lead to advancement and change, but generally are just good. 

  In daily life we are reminded about the idea of respect, which fundamentally stems from the practice of compassion, treating others the way you want to be treated is the same as sympathizing with someone and treating them kindly. 

  Yes, it is easy to treat people with kindness and basic human respect (at least it should be, if not, there will be an article for that). Compassion however is more than just being good to people. Compassion literally means " to suffer together". The Oxford dictionary defines it as, "sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others." Granted that has a very unappealing sound to it at first but let's take a closer look.

 Picture this: You've just come home from work. Today was super busy, your mind was scattered, and you are in a very irritable and stressed mindset. As you walk through the door your significant other instantly recognizes your state and attempts to make you feel better, even when it stresses them or lowers their emotional state. This is one of the most common acts of compassion. 

 We naturally feel sympathy and empathy for people (ideally). Compassion is the will to act on said feelings, in the attempt to help the person or situation. I'm sure by now you've got a few ideas of how you've experienced this before.

  As an empath myself, it is overwhelming the amount of empathy I feel in these situations. Empathy is the ability to recognize and feel the emotion another individual is experiencing (even if it is not "your" emotion). That being said 9 times out of 10, it is a very unpleasant emotion that I naturally feel in a heightened sense. Instead of retreating to fear and selfishness, these negative emotions I feel from others are met with compassion. I choose to act on the emotion in a way that helps the one experiencing it.

  Compassion at its roots can be found in almost all aspects of life. In case you need another example; picture the commercials of all the adoptable cats and dogs that appear abused and malnourished, that they play with sad music. That is a sneaky tactic that is used to compel you to act based on your compassion.

 In a video that was produced by Yes Theory, the Dalai Lama was asked one question from Thomas. This question was, "What advice could you whisper in the ear of all the young people today that are suffering from depression and anxiety.?" His response, which has been paraphrased, was this; 

 "There is too much self-centered attitude. Me Me Me Me Then anxiety, suspicion. The antidote to a self-centered attitude is to listen and consider just of the human being one human community. Children at a young age, don't care what the other's nationality or the other's religious faiths, they just play together. We all have the same basic right to achieve a happy life with help of technology, now we should develop a sense of one of the human beings."

 He later went on to say this as well: 

"We should include education about our mind, for example, my main daily practice is the practice of altruism. Very important for physical health in my experience. Now I'm 84 years old, but my mind, some of my friends express, is quite young"

 Now if you can't see the message in these words I'll paraphrase it more. Essentially what he was saying is that society, in the worldly sense of humanity, has adopted a selfish attitude. Everyone is focused so much on their own success, that we fail to remember to support others. He then says that the way to fix this is to focus on developing the Human Race rather than our segregated mindsets. He tells us that the goal should be for us to look at one another not as white, black, male, or female, but as humans. (Writing this now made me remember where this particular belief I have come from.)

  Children, for example, don't care about these differences, in-fact children are known to experience the most indifference and unity. This is because the behaviors and mindsets we see in the adult world that is currently being brought to light have to be taught. Children don't come out of the womb racist, they are taught to be racist by their structural upbringing. When we are young we have no concept of these things. All we know is good and bad or right and wrong. Just like children, even now we still all have the basic right to achieve happiness, and this comes from reaching the societal point of oneness. 

 After which he then later goes on to speak about the education system in the western world, and his daily practice. Both refer to the need for mental development classes and the practice of beliefs such as altruism, which is the most extreme example of compassion.

  Compassion drives the ability to connect with other humans. Without compassion, we would just be endlessly suffering alone, which isn't great for relationship building. Just as there is a need for happiness in life, there is an equal and opposite need for suffrage. Imagine suffering alone and never having a friend to ask if you need help. That's a cold and bleak world. That's the kind of world we almost live in today. 

  On a realist note, take a look around. What do you see? It's not pretty. Humans can't figure out the basic concepts of life that have been handed to us through every religion conceivable. The ones who do practice compassion are the ones we see shine through all of the dark muck in society. The activists, the doers, the people who want change. Compassion is action. Starting making a difference.

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